Thursday, December 3, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - The Tree

In the 7 Christmases we have spent together as a married couple, we have never had a real tree. We will be home this year for Christmas so we decided to go pick one out. We ended up at Menards with a tree that cost us about $15...can't beat that!

After we ate our countdown to Christmas kisses, we pulled out the Christmas tree decorations and got to work. I put in a Christmas CD...gotta have Christmas music when decorating the tree. The kids really enjoyed putting things on the tree this year.

After we were finished we read about the Christmas tree and how it should remind us of Jesus.

As the kids get older, the more fun the holidays become.

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Rebecca said...


Have you been to the new Christmas resale shop in downtown Harvard? Lots of super cheap goodies in case you need something for your tree or to decorate.