Monday, June 14, 2010


Remembered - (verb) keep somebody in mind: to keep somebody in mind for attention or consideration

It came in the form of a Lil K lesson that I was working on for my preschool church class.
God. keeps. His. promises.
I was supposed to teach the kids
that God remembers
In a time in my life where I often feel as if
He has forgotten
I was preparing a lesson on God remembering
And I was having a hard time
believing this myself.

And God remembered Noah...
And God remembered Abraham...
And God remembered Rachel...

Just to name a few.

Remembered is an action
God is acting.
God has not forgotten.
Not only does He remember
He calls me to remember
Remember all He has brought us through
The promises He has kept
All that He has accomplished
His provision
After listing all I could remember in my journal
I had nothing to do but be thankful.

The story of my life goes...
And God remembered Beth.

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Rebecca said...

This is rattled around in the dark cobwebbed corners of my mind ever since you posted it. I *know* it's true, but sometimes it's just soo hard to believe.