Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Whole Hand

My youngest is five.  Five just seems so much older than four.  Maybe because it's halfway to ten.  Maybe because five is a whole hand.  Or maybe it's because he's my youngest...and for being my youngest, that's pretty old.

I woke him up bright and early to get his big day started.  Landon was pretty excited for Collin and helped him open all of his gifts...Collin didn't mind a bit, as you can see. 

Legos, M&M's, Star Wars, and beef jerky pretty much sums it all up.  He's pretty easy to please.  And yes, he requested the beef jerky.

My Littlest Man and this little guy! 

With the help of some awesome people who gave us free tickets to cover all the kids but one, we were able to plan a super secret surprise for the three birthday boys (my nephew and my two boys) to Six Flags.  They didn't know where we were going until about 5 minutes before we got there.  It was great.

Collin was so happy to have his best buddy (and cousin) there to share the day with him.

We had a great time celebrating.  He said it was his best day ever and that's really all that matters.

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