Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five and a half weeks ago, my Littlest Man took a jump off of our deck that didn't end well.  I knew as soon as I heard the screams that something was broken.  My husband and I ran out there to find him sitting on the ground, in severe pain, saying he couldn't stand up.  After a visit to the ER, it was confirmed that he had fractured his tibia.

Five and a half weeks have passed.  Today, I sat in the doctors office and watched him get his big green cast cut off.  I thought of the nights in the beginning that I would lay there and pray that his pain would be gone.  With every cry out in pain my heart would just break.  I thought of how I wished I could take the pain for him...I wished it was me.  I thought of how many times I would watch him get upset of frustrated that he couldn't be out there keeping up with his much this big green cast got in the way of what he used to be able to do.  I thought of the stares he helpless he was.  Then I thought of how much I have taken for granted.  I have taken for granted how healthy my kids have been.  I have taken for granted how active they much they are able to do.  They have no handicaps that keep them from keeping up with the other kids.  They can run, jump, and play.  They have not spent a day in the hospital.  They have not had to undergo test after test or been given a diagnosis that has knocked the wind right from our sails.

I. Am. Thankful.

This was temporary.  The pain was temporary.  My boy is healthy.  Soon he can walk again.  He will be able to keep up with everyone else.

I am thankful for the reminder.  We are blessed.

 He had to wait 17 hours to get his leg casted...he was in such severe pain.

Feeling much better with it casted and stabilized.
 Wheelchair at school.
"Big green"
It's off!!!

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