Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day

Last Wednesday, we said goodbye to summer vacation and hello to another school year.

We had a great summer and enjoyed lazy summer days by the pool, numerous trips to Six Flags, and some great time spent in Michigan.

Back to school already...I can't even believe it!

 My Princess had a great first day of fourth grade.  She was very nervous the morning of.  Luckily, Dan was able to be home in the morning with all of us (because of his fantastic new job!) so he took her to school.  He is much better at defusing her than I am.  He offered to walk her in, but she declined...like all first borns, she wanted to do it herself.  The day went well for her and she came home excited to start another day!  My nine year old is in the gifted program this year, super artistic, and a free spirited animal lover.

I was worried about my Middle Man because of the rough ending he had to the school year last year.  He was up and ready to start his first day of third grade though.  There were no tears and came home and announced that he loves school.  It was so good to hear that!  My Middle Man is kind, caring, smart little guy who is great at drawing and excellent at math.

My Littlest Man was ready to get back to school where "all of his best friends are".  He picked out his own back to school outfit (not pictured is his fedora he chose to go along with his spiffy outfit).  His first day of first grade went great.  He is a social little guy who can make friends any where he goes.  He loves to talk and loves to be the center of attention.
Here's to a great school year!

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