Monday, May 18, 2009

Hat Head

I look good in a hat. When I just had one or two and wore them on occasion, it was nice. Lately, I have all these hats that are piling up and I am trying to keep straight. I feel their weight more and more. I am always wearing one. I have hat head. For once I would like to just go "hat-less" for a day, let my hair down and not have to worry.

I got this hat a little over six years ago...actually it was a tiara. It's my bride tiara. It's a lot of work to keep it sparkling...somedays to just keep it on straight. I really never knew that it would be this much work to wear a tiara. I'm holdin on to this one forever though.

It was bound to happen after putting on my tiara...I was blessed with the "I am a Mommy" cap. It's never clean and I am constantly inspecting it for holes, always adding something to it, always thinking of ways to help it better fulfil it's purpose. It's exhausting but it's hands down one of my favorites.

Somedays I have something on my head that looks more like a cleaning pail than a hat. It's not pretty. I feel like a maid. But, yet, somehow, with everything in such disarray in life, it's nice to be able to keep some order.

Life happens and I was thrown a "work hat". It's hard to remember to pry my "I am Mommy" cap off and put on my work get into that mode. I like this hat but I just keep thinking back to the days where I had one less hat to wear. My tiara makes me feel gorgeous and my Mommy hat is oh so comfy. My work hat was hard to get used to...a lot heavier than the others.

Another hat in my collection is my "gotta run" hat. I put this hat on and all the others fall to the side for a moment. When I am running it's my time to escape, to reflect, to blow off some steam. It's my "mini-vacation" hat if you will.

I have others: my family hat, friends hat, fun hat, party hat, the hat I cheer in, my chef hat...I have a closet full.

I have been trying to wear several of these at the same's uncomfortable and most look better on their own.

Late at night, I am able to give my head a break. I come before my God. He accepts me, hat hair and all. I don't need a hat with Him. I lay all my hats at His feet and ask Him to bless them all, to cherish every one, to be content with every one that I have been given to wear at this time in my life.

He tells me that some day soon, the hats will start coming off. To my surprise He says that I will actually miss some of them (seriously, who wants to be a bucket head?). He's given me all of these hats for a reason. I am finding that some shading for a season suits me. Although I long for the day when my hair is blowing freely in the breeze and the sun is beating down on the top of my head, my Father tells me such a time is approaching and I need to be thankful for the coolness and having my hair out of my eyes for a little bit longer.

All I really need are a handful of hats.
Please excuse my hat head.

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Peaceful Chaoz said...

You wear hats, I wear masks, hmmm maybe we should start a shop ;0)

Great post, nicely written! :0)

Erin said... wear hats, she wears masks and I wear shoes! Seriously...maybe someone wears belts??? LOL

I think your hat head is very accurate. There are many days when I feel like I am in a circus and juggling. I try so hard sometimes to keep the balls in the air until I am reminded again that I should not rely on myself.

Rebecca said...

Very clever post! My favorite part was about laying all our hats at Jesus' feet. Asking Him to make me content with all the hats?! That's big. Especially when those hats are really....difficult to wear.

Anonymous said...

When I started reading this I was thinking "I've never seen Beth wear a hat before!" then I got it :o)


Christy said...

what a cute post :)
I remember when I was little I was in a skit about mom's and all the hats that they wear - I was the "cook" :)

Keep up the good work girl!! you're amazing!