Sunday, May 10, 2009

They call me Mommy

I don't know how my Mom made this all look and seem so easy. I only know now what incredible sacrifice it took and how much she gave of herself.

I don't know how my mother-in-law raised such an understanding, patient man but only that he thinks the world of her because of all she gave to him...and by doing so, she provided me with a wonderful man.

There is no handbook. Kids aren't born with a manual tucked under their armpit. I think they have actually taught me more than I have taught them. I am eternally grateful for the gifts that God has entrusted me with...the little bit of Heaven that he has sent down.

Motherhood is the hardest work a woman will ever do, but the rewards with last the rest of your life if it's done right.

Kaitlyn, Landon, and Collin ~ My precious babies. I am honored to be your Mommy. To be the one you run to when you don't feel good, when you need a boo-boo kissed, or just need some lovin after a rough day. You have reminded me how fun it is to sing in a store, run through puddles, and roll down a grassy hill. I dreamed of you, hoped for you, prayed for you...I wanted you with everything in me. You three are growing up right before my eyes and I wish that I could freeze you for a while longer. I hope and pray that you would love God with all of your hearts and follow Him until you breathe your last breaths. You have blessed my life and I am better because I have all three of you in my life. I love you all so much.

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