Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have started (a little late) getting Landon ready for kindergarten. I feel like I was able to spend so much more time on getting Kaitlyn ready and I have dropped the ball with Landon. So, after Kaitlyn goes off to school and Collin is occupied with either playdough or a show, I sit down a spend a little one on one with Landon. Today we worked on writing the letter b, learned the sound the letter makes, and also thought of words that start with the letter. He did great at naming things. It went something like this:

Me: Landon, let's think of a few things that start with the letter b. Can you think of anything? Ba, ba....

Landon: Ba, ba, ball

Me: Very good! How about another word.

Landon: Ba, ba, book.

Me: You are so good at this! How about another?

Landon (without skipping a beat): Ba, ba, boobie bra (and he was totally serious and proud of himself that he thought of yet another word).

Me (eyes popping out of my head): Well...yep, you are right. Good job.

Not only did he come up with one word, he came up with two. :-)

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