Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Early Mother's Day Note...

My princess is doing so well with her reading and writing. She loves to read anything...labels, cereal boxes, my journal. :-) She is a little sponge. She is having so much fun now that this whole new world has opened to her.

The other night, I had just gotten home from work. It was a rainy day and they didn't have a chance to get outside at all and run off some of their stored up energy, which makes them cranky and easily angered. Kaitlyn got in a fight with one of her brothers and so I sent her to her room while I was getting dinner around. A few minutes later, I told her if she was ready to treat her brother with love she could come out. It took her a few minutes, but out she came. She walked right up to me with a little note in her hand. She is always making me cards and writing me notes that tell me how much she loves me...I just figured this was one of those notes...and who knows, maybe it would say, "I'm sorry," or something like that too. Well, I opened up to read this:

Der Mom,
You are a meen mom.

What a riot! I acted very sad in front of her and told her that writing something that was meant to hurt someone's feeling was not nice at all. But, after our little talk, I couldn't help but laugh everytime I thought of it. I have to say, that was a first...not the first time she has thought I was mean, I am sure, but the first time she thought to put it down on paper. And for her to end her note with Love, Kaitlyn just makes it even more funny to me.

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