Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Man's Trash

Let me start by say that I am a firm believer that people set things out in the trash for a reason. The reason being that it's trash. Now, my husband has a different view entirely. This might explain why we have a few things sitting in our basement that were once in someone else's trash pile. He's a trash picker. I am not.

One day last week, I came home to find someone else's trash setting in the kids' wagon. I was not happy because I knew where this was going to lead. It would be like a conversation I had with Dan once upon a time when Curtis (our once stray black cat) wandered in to our garage...a "can we keep him" kind of a conversation only this time he would be speaking about someone else's trash and not a living creature.

Once inside, I could not help but see the excitement in his eyes. He had truly found what he considered to be a treasure...not trash at all. It was then I decided that it could come in and I would help him clear a space for this piece of trash in, of all places, my living room.

Wouldn't you know, it fits, it's comfortable, and I am sitting in this piece of trash as I type.

It just goes to show you that the saying is true (most of the time):

One man's trash is another man's treasure:

the piece of trash :-)

2 things to add:

Saralyn said...

I like it! But then, almost everything in my house came out of someone else's trash! Welcome to the dumpster diver's club.

Rebecca said...

Sometimes it's just in the trash 'cuz the person upgraded & just didn't want their "old" stuff. We've gotten an umbrella stroller, wooden baby gate, and a great selection of children's books all from the curb.

Nice find!