Monday, June 7, 2010


About two weeks ago, my neighbor (who is a very funny Indian woman) gave me two cucumber plants and two tomato plants. She told me to plant them and I knew she would be checking on me to see if I did and where I put them. I wish I had the space for a full blown garden, but unfortunately do not. I have a few flower beds along the house and planted the plants she gave me where I thought they would get the most sun. I have been giving them a lot of care as to not disappoint my neighbor because she keeps checking on them. I haven't been out to take a look at my plants since Friday because of the rain. I went out there today and I was very pleased to see flowers on my cucumber plants!! I just hope I don't do something to kill them before I can taste my first homegrown (from my home) cucumber. My tomato plants, on the other hand, are not doing so hot...oops.

2 things to add:

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Make sure you put a trellis of some kind behind them before they get to big, that way you can help them climb it and they won't sprawl out everywhere! YEA for cucumbers!! :0)

Rebecca said...

So fun! I had the opposite happen to me. My tomato plants are doing swell, whereas my cuke plants burned up and died. Maybe we can swap veggies :>)