Saturday, July 31, 2010

For the love of Curtis...

I have a little girl
who is madly in love
with a black cat
that just wandered in to our garage
one day
he's been here ever since
and ever since
Curtis the cat
has been Kaitlyn's best friend
as I type
she is pushing him around in
his turkey burger box
covered with pink blankets
and she is speaking ever so
sweetly as she slowly
moves him down the hall
to the bathroom
where she turns on the water
so he can drink
out of the faucet
and she sets up his bed in the corner
while she uses the potty
so he doesn't have to
"lay on the dirty floor"
with all this said
it was no surprise to me
that when I uploaded a few pictures
I found ones that she took
of her beloved cat
and herself
I should really get one
of the two of them together
frame it
and hang in on her wall in her room

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