Friday, December 17, 2010


My princess was up this morning at quarter to three with an earache.  I took her temp and she wasn't running one.  She's been dealing with one sickness after another.  I went back and forth with myself in my head about calling the hospital and telling them she wouldn't be in today.  I ended up deciding to go ahead and take her in just in case.  The end result: We are home, my princess is still sleeping, and she still has those pesky tonsils of hers.  Yep, surgery was a no go today.  They sent us home with instructions for her to get better and reschedule.  I am all for the get better part.  Not too thrilled about the whole reschedule...preparation and waiting.  I had a good cry when we got back out to the parking lot and then again after I got my princess resting comfortably in her bed.  I know it's God's perfect timing...and today just wasn't the day.  This Mommy just wants her baby to finally feel good again.

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