Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post Op...

Two weeks, already?!

My little girl had her post op appointment with the ENT that did her surgery yesterday.  Everything went just fine.  He said that she still has some healing to do, but things look pretty good back there.  They were shocked that she came in heavier than right before she went in to surgery.  For the past week or so she has been eating us out of house and home.  On Friday night, we had the cousins over for a sleepover and I ordered pizza.  She can't resist pizza and ended up scarfing down five pieces.  I was so concerned about her the first few days after surgery...especially after she stepped on the scale and was down four pounds.  It's nice to see that those four pounds (and a few ounces more) came right back on...and we don't have to safety pin her pants up nearly as tight.  On a sad note, her holes in her ears closed up.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I let her go a little over a week without them in after her surgery (I took them out the night before...first time since she got them pierced).  I tried to get them back in but her ear started to bleed and I couldn't even get them through to the back without causing her more pain than when she got them done.  She looked so cute with earrings...and now she doesn't want them anymore.  I am hoping she will change her mind.

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