Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slightly Traumatic

I don't quite remember when I noticed my middle man's big tooth coming up right behind his baby tooth, but it's been at least a month.  His baby tooth was a little bit loose...not enough to come out.  We have been telling him to wiggle it every day, a few times a day.  This morning, my husband took him in to our bathroom.  I didn't think it was ready to come out yet.  I liked to let my teeth get as loose as possible so that I could almost spin it completely around with my tongue...Landon's tooth wasn't even close.

After a botched attempt, number two was successful.  There were tears and a little bit of pain, but the tooth fairy will make her appearance for the first time tonight....Kait has yet to lose a tooth...and is not even close.

Landon was excited to head off to school this morning to tell his teacher and all of his friends about the new hole in the front of his mouth.  And before he headed out the door, he asked to call his Poppy to tell him the news.

 Traumatized, he wouldn't stop crying at first.  He wouldn't even take the paper towel off to show me.

 With tears still in his eyes, he agrees to remove the paper towel and open his mouth just enough so I could get my first look.

After eating a popsicle for breakfast, everything in his world was right again...and he was happy about his missing tooth.

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