Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CRIM # Four

This past weekend, I made a quick trip to Michigan to run my fourth CRIM...and an added bonus was that I got to run along side of my sister.

The week before, at a work party of mine, my husband made a great point.  The CRIM is a funny race because as he put it, "my wife is running around the streets of Flint in areas that aren't safe for her on regular days to drive in her car," which is so true.  But, even if Flint is ranked up there among cities with the highest murder rate, I still love the CRIM and will race in it every year that I can.

Last year, I ran the race all by myself...and it is something I would rather not do again.  It was lonely and messed with my head.  This year, it was nice to have my sister by my side to keep me company.  I got teary a few times thinking of just how blessed I was to have her with me and to have running be something we can share together.

It was a good run...I always beat myself up at the end thinking of how I could have done better but all I wanted to come out and do this year was to beat last years time...and I did that by 3 minutes.  So, CRIM number four I came in with a chip time of 1:45:37.  I crossed the finish line, found my sister (who finished a few minutes before me), and gave her a big sweaty hug.  Looking forward to CRIM number five!

My sister and me with our finishers medals...

...and just for laughs, here is a picture my mom snapped of us when we didn't know she was taking one.  I think it's a little ghetto, a tribute to the city we just ran through. :)

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