Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Six Year Old

My Middle Man is six...six just seems so much older than five.  He's not a little boy anymore. 

We celebrated in a special way for my big six year old.  He opened a few presents in the morning and then we went a saw Rio in the theater (we don't take them to the theater often, but who can say no to the dollar show?!).  After the movie, we headed over to grandma's pool and swam the afternoon away with a few cousins and friends.  That evening, Landon chose to go to the Chinese buffet for dinner...he loves it there!  Then, we came home and Dan put together his new Mario Racetrack and they played the night away.

Happy Birthday, Landon!  You are so precious to Mommy.  I still remember holding you on my chest for the first time, my first baby boy.  You have always been such a sweet, tender soul.  You are so kind and giving...always putting others before yourself.  I pray that you would continue to follow Jesus and make Him number one in your life.  I hope year number six is a great one for you my Middle Man.  I love you beyond words beautiful boy!

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