Wednesday, February 22, 2012


He's the only one home with me. He's the youngest. He's enjoying his
time at home before he's off to kindergarten in the fall. I wish I
would have had a year with each of my kids alone like this.

There's never a dull moment with this one. His world is one of
amazement at the little things, an imagination gone completely wild,
and sweet talking like no one else. One day with him and you will
laugh more, smile more, stand in awe at things that you never have
before, and truly feel like you have lost your mind.

Today was no exception. My littlest man loves to pretend...and most
of all, he loves to play Polly Pocket's. I think it started out as an
obsession only because he could only play when his big sister was away
and it was to be our little secret. Now, he doesn't care...and she
loves that he will sit and play with her. So, after our usual play in
Polly World it was time to move on and play something else.

He was, of course, a prince...and I was some sort of maid or
something. He had a horse and was riding it around. He jumped off of
the horse to come in for some lemonade and juice (bowling pins) and
then announced that he was off to the zoo. I told him that he had
better ride his pony to the zoo. He looked at me, as serious as ever,
and said that he was actually going to ride his pink bunny to the
zoo...and away he hopped, sitting on a giant, stuffed pink bunny.

I called him on his cell minutes later to ask if I was supposed to
feed his horse while he was gone. I expected him to answer with a
simple yes...but I should know by now that nothing is ever simple with
my littlest man. He said, "Oh no, I forgot that I have the bag of
food in my pocket," and so he had to hop back home...with instructions
that I should not feed it all to her at one time. Minutes later, he
was back...and apparently he had gotten his PhD while away. He
instructed me to sit down and got out his stethoscope. "Beep, beep,
beep, beep," He said. "I hear your heart beeping." I asked if he
thought I was going to be okay. "It's beeping so fast. I think you
are going to die soon," and then he was off doing the dishes and
making us a grand meal...his being made up of mostly cookies and mine
being mostly veggies.

A day in the life. I just want to freeze him four forever.

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Peaceful Chaoz said...

Love this, and him!!