Thursday, February 23, 2012

No More

This marks the end of an era.  She came to me tonight and said that she knows that there is no Santa, no Easter Bunny, and (gasp) no Tooth Fairy.  I must say, I am totally relieved.

I grew up believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy...and I have to add that I didn't resent my parents, didn't doubt Jesus was real, and wasn't at all disappointed.  So, when it came to raising our kids, our personal preference was to do the whole Santa thing...and whole heartedly believe that it doesn't scar children.  It's a choice.

Never did I think that she would go on believing in Santa until the age of seven and a half.  I was kinda thinking it would be a quick couple of years and then would come the big question and we'd be done.

My husband has been taking time to talk with Kaitlyn about deeper spiritual things.  She wants to be baptized and wants to learn more.  So, I guess this came up in a talk they had...the whole Santa thing.

She came to me tonight before bed and blurted out, "I know that there's no Santa.  That it's you and Daddy."  I smiled and acted surprised...just joking with her.  I asked her if she was disappointed that there's no Santa and no Tooth Fairy.  She laughed and replied, "Nope, because I still like getting gifts from you guys."  It's all good.

Santa and the Tooth Fairy are no more...the Easter Bunny...well, I still have nightmarish visions of him coming to our front door when I was little...he's real, and he's scary.

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