Monday, February 9, 2009


On top of the world
Ours came crashing down
No matter how many times you fall

You never get used to hitting the ground

Could someone tell me
Do you know the demand
When you wanna give up
But, you know you have to stand.

...thought I would be painfully honest. I don't feel like standing today. I have my days where I am not fine. Today is one of those days. If you asked, I would probably say I was just okay...that's the wording I use on a bad day. I am not pretty good, not fine, I am okay...about as okay as a train wreck.

I was thinking today, "I wonder if it's coveting if everything you are wishing you had, you once did?" Does that make sense? I am not wishing I had other people's stuff...just some things we used to.

...Do cars ever fall from the sky?
...Or better yet, how about jobs?

...Maybe writing on the wall to tell us just what we are supposed to do now?
...How much longer?
...Could we just skip to the ending?

Where is this coming from? No go on the DeKalb job we were waiting a month to hear about. It's extremely disappointing. It has left us wondering what to do next. We are looking into the option of selling our house.

I love you, Lord. More than a job, more than a van, more than a home. Please show us what you will have us to do. Help us to act out of desire to follow you and not out of fear. Calm my anxious and aching heart.

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