Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Curtis

When he wandered in to our garage three years ago, I know for a fact he had no clue what he was getting in to. It was cold out and he was looking for a warm place to stay...not to mention be fed. I set some milk out and kept him in the garage until Dan came home from work. Then I set the kids up to ask Daddy if we could keep him...I had already made the vet appointment for the next day to have him declawed and fixed. And that's where the love affair began between my little girl and our spooky black cat she affectionately named, "Curtis".

He's like the sister that she's never had. She dresses him up, tells him all of her secrets, plays school with him, and likes to spend time laying on the couch with him on her belly. More recently though, she has somehow talked him in to getting into a turkey burger cardboard box, being covered up and tucked in with a blanket, and being read countless stories. Then, when my princess is all done reading to him, she will carry him with her wherever she goes and he will just lay there. I guess he knows what life could have been like...and being tucked in, read to, dressed up, and rocked like a baby is much better than being cold, wet, and hungry. Curtis is a smart cat...and we are so happy Daddy said yes.

3 things to add:

Rebecca said...

This is so incredibly adorable. It just cracks me up to think of Kaitlyn doing all those things to Curtis, the sister she never had. Too funny!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

He makes a good cousin too! ;0)

Kimmie said...

And Curtis looks quite happy being wrapped and read to. ;-)

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