Monday, March 22, 2010

Seven Year Itch

Seven years ago, March 22, 2003, I married a man I hardly knew. I didn't marry my best friend, but that is what he has become. When I think of "our story" and how God brought us together it always leaves me in utter amazement. Our story is nothing short of amazing...I love telling it because people always comment on how neat and unique it is.

A couple of weeks ago at work, a coworker asked me how many years I have been married. I told him that we were going on seven. He asked me if I had the seven year itch...which I had always been unclear as to what that exactly meant. So, as you do with any type of research, I googled it. The seven year itch was coined when the average marriage only lasted 7 years (which is now actually the two year itch). It's a period of time, usually after seven years, that married couples reevaluated their relationship and decided if it was worth staying together or not. In a time where the average marriage only lasts two years and where over half of married couples won't last (even Christian marriages), it would be nice if we all stood up and fought for our marriages. There is nothing the devil wants more than to demolish Christian homes and marriages who are serving God.

So, yes, I have the seven year itch...but not at all by the world's definition:

I am itching to know my husband more

I am itching to love him better than I have the past seven years

I am itching to care for his needs

I am itching to encourage him to be the man God says he is

I am itching to make each day better than the last

I am itching to serve God side by side

I am itching to gloify Him in our marriage

Happy Anniversary, Dan. I love you with all that I am...forever and always.

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