Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Story of Provision

I have been a carpenter's wife for almost eight years now, and you never quite get used to the ups and downs of winter as far as how unpredictable work is.  I am beyond thankful for how God has continued to provide for our family over the years and each time refreshes and renews my confidence in that He is my ultimate provider.

Because of The Great Blizzard of 2011, Dan worked one and a half days last week.  I was fretting and thinking of the very small upcoming check.  When Dan was unemployed for those long twenty-two months, I got into the habit of turning my worry in to prayers of thanksgiving and asking Him for what I need.  What seems impossible in my mind, is not the case with God...and sometimes that is easily forgotten.

So, after learning that he would be off work the rest of the week I began to pray that God would provide in whatever way.  I went in to work on Saturday and when I had half of my shift under my belt, it happened : one of the machines in the lab broke.  For some reason, we don't have 24/7 service on that machine and service would not be able to be called until Monday.  What that means is that we would now have to call a courier for every single CBC that came in to the lab.  Guess who is on that courier list?  My husband and myself.  So, from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning we were able to make enough money to cover 4 days worth of pay for Dan...making up the difference from the week of the blizzard.

Every time I think of how everything unfolded, I am thankful beyond words and my heart swells to know how tenderly He cares for us...giving us exactly what we need.  I can't help but think that machine was broken over the weekend just for us.

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Rebecca said...

Amazing! Hearts of thanksgiving and "remembering" how He has provided help to deepen our trust. Sometimes I so easily get spiritual alzheimers where I forget all that He has brought us through!