Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tomorrow's the day...we hope...

Tonight, we will say our little goodbyes to K's tonsils.  I will get out my video camera (per her request) and she will open her mouth as wide as she can and I will video them for a few seconds so that she will always remember what they looked like back there.  I will then get out my camera (per her request) and take a few pictures of her with her tonsils. 

We both might not sleep too well tonight. 

The cameras will be waiting on the counter for when we wake up so we can document tomorrow (per her request)...what pj's she wears to the hospital, what blanket she takes, the stuffed animal she chooses to go with her to surgery, and her pillow pet that will keep her company.  There will be many "I love you's" said. 

I will reach back and hold her little hand as we drive to the hospital and talk about whatever she wants. 

I will have her little hand in my one hand...and all her stuff in the other...when we walk in to the hospital's big front door. 

We will make our way to the surgery department and she will probably talk about the butterflies dancing around in her tummy. 

They will call her name and we will walk back and get her gowned up and settled in to the bed before the nurse comes in to check her least this is what happened last time...and it's as far as we got.

Tomorrow, I am hoping my princess wakes up healthy after a peaceful nights rest.  I am hoping surgery is a go and we can say goodbye to those pesky tonsils of hers for good.  I prepared myself last time only to know that I would have to prepare myself all over again...that we would have to set another date and wait a little longer.  I am tired of seeing my princess sick and they need to come out...preferably tomorrow. 

So, here's to (hopefully) a good to go surgery tomorrow and eating ice cream and milk shakes all weekend long!

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Hollie said...

I'll be thinking of you and your princess tomorrow!