Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

We were hit Tuesday evening in to Wednesday with The Blizzard of will always be something I think back to and remember fondly.  Dan was fortunate enough to be let out of work early, the kids were released early from school, and I got a call from work telling me to not attempt to come in.  So, my hubby made a wonderful chicken dinner, we signed up for a free month of netflix on our Wii (yep, you can do that!), and we all slept cozy in our beds as the snow continued to fall and be blown all around.  It was wonderful!

We woke up on Wednesday morning and we all were excited to get a peek at just what had happened over was like Christmas.  We were shocked to find that both of our doors, front and back, were snowed shut with drifts in front of them that we about five feet tall.  Luckily we could get out of our garage door and make our way to dig out.

I love to shovel and volunteered to be the one to dig out so that our doors would be able to be opened and the dogs could go outside.  It was the hardest shoveling I have ever done...and my shoulders are sore from today.  My husband thought I was a rock star though.

The kids were begging to go out all morning.  So after lunch, when the wind finally died down a bit, Dan took all three kids out to play in the snow.  It was great to watch from my warm house.  I had to laugh at my youngest who kept getting stuck and tipping over.

Around one o'clock, I started getting stir crazy and needed my gym fix.  So, I suited up, grabbed my camera, and headed out to survey the area and make my way to the gym.  The roads weren't too bad and I made the mile trek safely.  I had a great four mile run.  The plow guys did a great job!

 looking at our front door...a five foot drift in my way.

 Me clearing off our deck...hard work.

 Kait playing in the front before I broke the rest of the way through the drift.

 Clearing off the front walk.

 Our little snow pup...whose doubled in size the month that we've had her.

 Aaah, the gym!

 Piles of snow in the parking lot...lots of work to do.

 My man getting the roast ready for the oven.

 The kids and my hubby playing outside.

 My littlest man, tipped over again.

 After clearing off one side of the roof, my man jumped off in to the big snow drift...kid at heart.

That's Dan in there...the snow falling off the roof after a couple of pushes.

Icing on the cake: We had a delicious dinner with our favorite neighbors, Dan was told he would have another day off, and the kids' school was cancelled.  So, I am off to enjoy a bacon and egg breakfast made by my husband.  I love when he's home...he feeds us well. 

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