Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Better Day

My middle man ended up coming home early from school with a tummy ache yesterday.  Within one hour, he was in the bathroom puking all over my shower curtain, the back of the toilet, and on the floor.  He couldn't stop apologizing.  He's such a sweetie even when he is sick.

So, with Dan at work, I was the one on throw up duty yesterday day and I was happy to be there with my baby.  I handled it pretty well and didn't heave once while wiping up the puke or rubbing his little back while he threw up.  I could possibly be getting better at this.  He threw up six times in five hours and then everything stopped...I was thankful that he was able to eat a slice of toast before bed and keep some juice and water down.

This morning, he was feeling better but was still having some "back door" issues so I called him in to school.  We still had to take my princess (who, may I add, holds the record so far this year for being the healthiest one of the bunch). 

After dropping her off, I explained to Landon that the ride home is when I pray for both him and his sister and for their day at school.  He asked me to pray out loud and so I did.  After, he told me that he also knew that I prayed for him last night at dinner when he was sick...he said he was secretly listening in from the living room couch.  Then he said something that caused my heart to swell and my eyes to tear up: "Mommy after you prayed for me I quietly prayed for you that you would have a better day tomorrow."

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