Monday, January 10, 2011

Holidays to the Present...

- Our Christmas was wonderful.  We got to spend it in Michigan with my side of the family.  It was filled with fun, food, and lots of laughs.  It was great to see everyone, watch my kids play with my siblings' kids, and laugh at each other while we played Just Dance 2.  It just seems to keep getting harder when we have to say our goodbyes and take our usual route home.  My middle man has the most difficult time saying good bye.  This time, he did the most heart breaking sob down my parents' long driveway...which makes me only cry harder.  It's always sad to me when we pass by the welcome center and the Welcome to Michigan sign on the other side of the highway.  It's then that I truly feel disconnected from my always gets me a little teary.  Can't wait to get back to Pure Michigan!

- It was so nice having the kids home with me for two weeks.  We spent a lot of time just being lazy.  The time flew by so fast and before I knew it, I found myself with an ache in my heart driving away from the drop off line watching my older two kids in my rear view mirror.  They are happy to be back in to our usual routine...and my little man is happy to have Momma all to himself.

- I did some much needed painting in my kitchen and dining room...and got something new to hang on my dining room wall.  Because I love painting so much (and I am not being sarcastic) I couldn't stop myself and continued on down the stairs.  It gave everything a fresh look...and it was nice and relaxing for me.  Best part is that it was all leftover paint from the kids' rooms (we keep it pretty neutral around here) and so it didn't cost me a penny.

- This past weekend, Dan and I got some alone time with our princess.  The boys went to their cousins' house for a sleepover and she chose to stay with us.  We went out to eat, just the three of us, and then she wanted to head over to Borders to pick out another chapter book of her own.  I thought we would be there forever (it was a bit overwhelming for her) but she finally decided on The Little Princess.  She's a great little reader and I am happy to cultivate a love of reading in her.  She has been reading in her room every chance she gets.

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