Thursday, January 13, 2011


I had my annual review at work yesterday.  I was pleased.  It made me feel very competent in my position and it was nice to hear how much my boss appreciates me and how highly he thinks of me and the work that I do.  It was a great way to start my work day...and it got me thinking...

Some of you may already do this in your homes.  How great it would be to do an annual, semi-annual, or even monthly review in our marriages, in our parenting, in our homes?  Would it make me think twice before disrespecting my husband?  Would it make a difference in the way I parent my children...the quality time I spend with them?  Would it make a difference in how efficiently my home is run?  I am sure it would...and I am also positive that kind words from members of the household...words of appreciation...would do wonders in how often my family and myself are doing something with a cheerful heart.

How ever often, I think it might be something to think about incorporating some sort of "review" in our house.  Too often, we take each other for granted around here.  Our household duties are just expected as part of the husband's, or the wife's, or the children's job description.

I think it's time for a Brady Family meeting here.

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