Monday, January 17, 2011

My Dreamer

My Princess is a dreamer...and I really don't think she gets that from me.  I am a more realist kinda almost everything...I have my moments though. 

She started girl scouts in the fall and the time has come for the annual cookie sale.  We were talking about goals.  I explained what a goal was and asked her what her goal was as far as how many boxes of cookies she would like to sell.  She quickly responded, "My goal is 1000 boxes!"  Yep, she's a dreamer alright! I told her that maybe she should be more realistic about her goal and set it a little lower so it could actually be something she could possibly reach.  She sat and thought and then said, "Okay 300 boxes!"  I smiled. 

As of yesterday though, she has sold seventy-eight boxes of girl scout cookies.  As the end nears, the Momma in me will have to resist (maybe unsuccessfully) making it an even one hundred.

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Rebecca said...

Keep dreaming BIG, Kait!