Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Bit of Catch Up...

The end of October flew by...I hate when that happens.  I guess time flies when you are having fun.

 On one of my nights off, we got out Kaitlyn's slurpee machine and made slurpees after dinner.  I love this picture because they are all waiting so patiently (yes, they are sitting on the counter)...but notice Dr. Evil in the middle.

This past weekend, my parents came out for a visit.  We were all so excited.  They haven't been out to visit in over a year so it was a special treat.  I even redid the guest room for them.  We had a wonderful time.  On Saturday, they took us to see Puss in Boots and I highly recommend that movie.  It was adorable.  The rest of the weekend was spent playing games and soaking up some Gammy and Poppy time.  We were so sad to see them go.  I was holding Collin by the front door as we waved good bye.  As I shut the door, Collin looked at me and said, "I wished they could have stayed for five days.  Guess it's back to normal, right Mama?"  I hate that good byes are part of our normal, but it does make us cherish the time spent with them.

Landon and Poppy playing "Sorry". 

Collin and Gammy playing  Memory

Gammy and Kaitlyn doing nails.

Zoey's first birthday was also on Saturday. She's the only one of our animals that we know an exact age. She had a lovely day.

The kids had a great Halloween this year. Kaitlyn chose to be a mouse, Landon chose to be a skeleton, and Collin chose to be Darth Vader. They got a lot of candy and Dan was home early enough from work that night that the kids finished up Trick-or-Treating with him and then we all sat down together and had pizza for dinner.
Can it really be November already?

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