Monday, November 7, 2011

That's Not a Turkey...

The kids were both given a family project to do for homework.  They both had to take the picture sent home (of a turkey) and dress it up to look like something else. 

Landon was given the assignment of dressing his turkey up and then writing a short paragraph entitled, "I'm Not a Turkey!"  When I asked him what he wanted to dress his turkey up as, there was no hesitation as he blurted out, "Mario!"  So, Landon gave the instructions, I did the cutting, and he put everything where he wanted it.

Kaitlyn wanted to get the fabric, glitter, buttons, and paint out and decorate her turkey that way.  As you can plainly see, her turkey came down with the chicken pox (or would they be called the turkey pox?) and is looking quite ill: 

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