Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am such a sap...

I try to act tough...have I fooled anyone? I like people to think that I am a tough, athletic type that rarely cries and doesn't let anything break her. Well, I got news for ya, people. I cry at commercials, songs, blog posts, really anything. After finishing The CRIM, people were walking around laughing, eating their bananas and apples, being, well, I was sitting on the curb with my running buddy with tears rolling down my face listening to a song on her MP3. I am such a sap!

This Saturday, my little (6 ft something actually) brother is getting married. I can't help but get a tad bit emotional when I think of it.

I think back to the day I married my man. We have grown and changed so much together. We didn't really know eachother at all and I love him more today that I ever have. (Just to warn you Dan, I will probably be crying while we walk down the aisle together this weekend...just lead me to where I need to go.)

I think of how this is the last of my siblings to get married. I guess that means that we are all grown ups now. Does that mean that there can be no more games of Risk involving name calling?

I think what an accomplishment it must be as a parent to have all of your grown children married. Does it feel like your work is time? Is it a relief or somewhat sad?

My brother didn't have girlfriends in highschool, at least that I knew about. I always said that whoever he brought home would get a hard time from me and my sister. Afterall, just who is good enough for my brother? Well, I actually think he found the right one. From our first meeting, I didn't have one urge to give her a hard time or make her work for a spot in our family. :-)

To my brother: I am so very proud of you! If you have learned anything from Dad at all, I know you will make a great husband. She has come just in time, I don't think you could have survived one more month without a woman to take care of you and clean up after you. :-) Have fun together, love her, be patient with her, and make sure to laugh a lot together.

To my new sister: I welcome you with open arms, girl. Just in the short time I have known you, I have seen just how wonderful you are for my brother and how happy you make him. He is messy and unorganized but love makes is possible for you look past all of that. :-) I hope your special day is just what you want it to be. I hope you feel like a princess and take as much of it in as you can. Thanks for letting me stand up with you! I love you both.

2 things to add:

Hollie said...

CONGRATULATIONS to both of them! May God bless their marriage far beyond what they could have ever imagined!

Bonnie said...

Aww, Congrats to your brother, who by the way, definatley looks like your brother!!! He looks just like you.