Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Big Three Year Old

On August tenth, three years ago, I became a mother of a little boy. Until you have one of your own, you can never fully understand just how different they are.

Landon keeps me hoppin. He's a big ball of strong-willed energy. He loves motorcycles, snow boards, guns, poppy's tractor, and his baby jack. :-) Two was the year he "turned into" a real boy. He wants to be just like his "Gaddy" and likes to pretend that I am his "honey". Surprisingly, he will sit still forever to listen to a good book though. He loves cuddle time and enjoys helping.

Two was the year that you gave up your beloved ya-ya and you were potty trained at two and a half...way to go little man! You have amazed me with how quickly you pick up on things, how thoughtful and kind you can be, and what you do around here to make us all laugh. It's neat to see you becoming more interested in learning...maybe Mommy can have the patience to "do school" with you too. You look like your Poppy and I have heard you act a lot like your Mommy. We will get along just fine in the coming years if you only remember that I will always win. :-) I love you Landon Paul! I thank God for how you bless our family and pray that God will give me the wisdom to mother your little heart and teach you to follow after Him. May you grow up to be a godly man. Happy "Birthgay"!

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Little Patch of Heaven said...

Your son is beautiful. I have two young boys and can not believe the things they learn so quickly... I enjoy your blog.

Rebecca said...

What a cutie!! Great memories of your "first" boy.

P.S. I love how you wrote things the way he would say them. Great idea!

Bonnie said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday Landon!!! Such a handsome lil' guy!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Hope you had a great day Landon!!

Christy said...

I love the top picture with the letters :) Landon is adorable!