Friday, August 1, 2008


It's amazing all that you can tell about a kid (or maybe just my kids) just by watching them play with this toy.

Kaitlyn : She picked up on the whole shape thing right away, even at a year old. She got so good at it that she would put a block up to a different shaped hole and then wait for us to sign no-no to her then quickly plop it in the right one. We knew early on that she was way too smart for her own good. She also likes things neat and in order. When she helps Collin out with this, she usually does all of one color first and then moves on to the next.

Landon : When he was this age, he would sit and try to ram a block in a hole that was the wrong shape. I think he thought that if he tried hard enough and used enough of his super strength and grunting noises that it would eventually fit. Bottom line, Landon is determined and persistent.

Collin : Typical last born boy, I think. He sat down to play with it today. I started by putting the blocks in their correct holes, to which he would nod yes and clap for me (the whole head nodding thing is new and it's so cute!). Then I turned the game over to him and gave him the blocks. He just tossed the blocks on top. They would land on the wrong holes and just sit there and he would go on to another. Oh, while he was doing this, he was looking at me and laughing. Collin is an entertainer and just goes with the flow. I think when he gets older, he is going to have the messiest room.

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