Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Good Ride

Today I said good-bye to my triple jogger. It was not as hard and I thought.

This was a huge step for me, as my husband could probably tell you. It (and my other strollers) was a object of a fight a few months ago. I have a stroller for every occasion basically. I have more than average because I am so active and wasn't going to let the number of kids affect my mobility and my being able to get out of the house. So, I had an umbrella, a single travel stroller, a double stroller, a double jogger, and a triple jogger. Having three kids three years apart, it was a must for me. Well, Dan was getting on me for the space they were taking up. We had a huge discussion over it which escalated into an argument. I think my last sentence to him was, "Okay, then I will sell all of my strollers and just sit around here and get fat." That would show him! :-)

Well, this road that we are walking has had many lessons along the way. On the subjects of my strollers...they are just things and I have too many (which I never realized before). So, today was the day. It felt refreshing to pass it off. Yes, I had many good runs with that took my kids many was purchased just after finding out we were pregnant with the child we would miscarry a week gave me a sense of sanity...helped me shed my baby weight...but, it's an object. Good riddens. It was a good ride.

2 things to add:

Rebecca said...

Um, I like having lots of strollers too. *blush* I don't have any jogging strollers {prolly would if I were a runner though} but do have an umbrella stroller, a single & a double. I guess this might explain why two of my cars have to park in the driveway :>)

Glad you enjoyed it while you did!

Hollie said...

Ahhh, the front wheels wobbled on it anyway. You just run too darn fast! Your double jogger is WAY hotter ;o)