Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Stick

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

My Dad tried to teach me once upon a time. I think he gave up on me. Dan tried teaching me two years ago. I was made to give up my seat after stalling in front of a semi.

The van was taken to the shop today (grand total ~ $650...could be a couple of days...we can't get ahead for anything.). That leaves me with no other option other than to learn how to finally drive a stick to get me back and forth to work.

So, with Dan being home, we set out this morning. Hoping not to return until I had it somewhat d0wn. Pressure. Dan's first requirement before getting into the driver's seat...I had to look hot. So, I put on some make up, got dressed, and put on my sexy shades. :-) Lookin good. It was only by the grace of God that I now think I can make it through the four stops to get me to work. Dan's a great teacher. I just passed. Hold your applause...I take my first drive alone in three minutes.

3 things to add:

Bonnie said...

Oh Beth, you'll get it!! It's not so hard once you get the hang of it!!

Hollie said...

Silly Beth... You ALWAYS look HOT! So how did it go?!?

Rebecca said...

Oh my. I remember learning how to drive stick!. The worst part is getting going from a stop. My advice: avoid completely stopping {just really slow down as you approach a red light} & do rolling stops as much as possible until you get the hang of it. I know you're not supposed to....

Sorry about your setback :>(

You're welcome to trade your stick for my Buick until you get your mini-van back. It will fit all your kids in the back seat if you need to. Let me know :>)