Friday, October 10, 2008

Nice Effort

My middle child has been noticing overweight people lately. He looked at me and told me last week, "Mommy, you are not fat!" Thanks son. Then he went on to name people that were. Kaitlyn went through this stage too. It's like they start noticing the physical differences in people and enjoy pointing them out...this one just happens to be slightly more embarrassing than, "Look that lady has blue eyes."

Well, luckily I haven't had any trips to the store with this little man in the past two weeks...but, Dan has. They were standing in an aisle and a large man walked past. Landon said to Dan, "Daddy, where's that fat guy going?" Dan had to have a talk with him. He explained the basic stuff like that hurts people's feelings when we say things like that about them. Now even though Landon is a wild man and seems very rough, he has a sensitive side. He always makes sure to tell Kaitlyn and me when we look beautiful and is always telling us that he loves us. He gets it.

So, fast forward one week. Dan and Landon, again at the store. This time they are standing in the check out line, some larger people are behind them. Landon's wheels, of course, are turning. It's almost killing him to keep quiet about this one. He looks at Dan and says something like this..."Daddy, I haven't talked about anyone being fat." Almost little man.

4 things to add:

Hollie said...

Gotta love the honesty of children! They tell it like it is... usually without the sugar!

Erin said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! How funny!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Yep yep yep, still going through this one with Clay! Unfortunalty he thinks its hilarous to say something that he knows he shouldn't, haven't quite figured out how to get through this one yet! Funny thing is that he only thinks people that are larger than me are "fat" and I'm no small thing. Hmmm, Crazy kids!! :0)

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!! I mean, not for Dan of course but hearing the story is pretty funny. My dad told me once that my older sister did something like that when she was little. They were in the waiting room of a doctor's office. There was an african american man waiting also. My sister says, "Look daddy, it's a monkey!"