Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Sister

my sister (at 8 months pregnant) and me

She's been a constant in my life. I don't remember life without her. I actually didn't live much life without her. She has always been there, always been dependable, always listened, always been honest. We are total opposites but we get eachother.

Most of my greatest memories from when I was younger include her. We were always paired together....twins when we were younger then as the "Farmer girls" when we got into Jr High. We were going to live together forever, do everything together. If we did happen to find someone to marry, they would be brothers so that we could have a double wedding and live right next door to eachother.

I would wake her at night to take me to the bathroom. She did it without complaining. She would sit outside the door, half asleep, until I was finished. Somehow, I thought that she could rescue me from the boogie man. As we got older, we would stay awake for hours talking about anything and everything until one of us would drift off to sleep. She was my other better half.

Well, sometimes life doesn't go as planned. I miss her dearly. We live many states apart, see eachother only a few times a year. We didn't marry brothers, our kids don't get to see eachother for weekly playdates, and we don't have the privilege of doing Sunday dinner or going for a run together. The bond is still there though. There will never be another like her.

Happy Birthday, Calist. I can never fully express what you have meant and continue to mean to me. Wish we could go back and be carefree kids together again for a day. Sometimes this adult stuff sucks. I miss you so much and love you even more. Hopefully one day we will be just a car ride away....or maybe we will just have to take Mom up on her "compound" offer.

5 things to add:

Christy said... made me cry! I wish I had the type of bond you have with your sister!!


Hollie said...

Awwww... You're making me miss my sister!!

Sending a very Happy Birthday to your favorite sister!

Rebecca said...

This is so sweet! That's how I always pictured sisters to be. What a blessing to have such a great sister bond :>)

Brittany said...

I m gonna say dito to what Hollie said. Happy Birthday to your sister!

Andrea said...

Lovely post about your sister! Making me tear up here!

My sister and I argued ALL the time growing up. We don't now though and now I know what you are talking about. There is really nothing like a sister!

Happy Birthday to yours! And thank God for sisters!