Friday, July 3, 2009

From pillowcase to dress...

I had a little time at work to surf the web the past two days. Mix that with a sudden urge to be creative and this is what I ended up with:

It's a pillow case dress (this was one of the tutorials I liked the best...there are many though) for my princess! It was super easy to make. I had everything on hand here at home, but my next one I would like to try some embellishing and dress it up a bit. I hope to perfect it and maybe make a couple to give away. Super cute and super cool for summer.

4 things to add:

Saralyn said...

Very nifty. I love it! I want to make Sissy and her cousin matching beach dresses and this would be perfect.

I did notice, however, that the blog you got the pattern from says, "For personal use only." You're going to have to create your own unique pattern if you want to sell it.

Beth said...


Yeah, I saw that. I plan on playing around with it a bit and we'll see what happens.

Rebecca said...

Nice work :>)

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Very cute!!

One thing, Selah got one for Christmas last year and the ribbons pull through the open part at the top they weren't sewed in place, I didn't know if you saw a tuturiol for one like this but I would make sure to sew it in place because we've lost our ribbons!!
:0) I would love to know how you did this one so that I can just get some ribbon and fix it for her!! :0)