Monday, March 29, 2010

What Do I Know?

We saw Addison Road in concert last night along with Sanctus Real. I didn't even know who Addison Road was until last night...but they really touched me with this song. Too often I make God too small. Great song.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Read...

Just finished it yesterday morning and once again, Beth doesn't disappoint.
Anyone else out there read it yet?

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Old Blue"

*I decided to post this on both of my blogs.*

Something *big* is happening this coming week.

I got my double jogger when my baby boy was 8.5 months old and my little princess was 23 months. It was "my sanity on wheels"..."the nap mobile"...the "what Mommy does when she's had enough". To have two kids fourteen months apart, I had to do something. Instead of taking up drinking (I am seriously just kidding), I chose running.

I looked forward to my "me time" every morning at 10AM. That two and a half miles was just enough to get me through the day...or at least until nap time. It was because of that blue double jogger that I slowly regained myself and found a passion for running. It taught me that it was okay to take time for myself...take time to take care of myself...take time to "be" by myself. Even though I wasn't alone it was a half hour of peace where I could pretend that it was just me and the open road.

Well, my kids are older now and my oldest two can ride a bike faster than I can run. Not only that, but I have taken my running to a new level...a level that is not conducive to pushing 100 or so pounds down the road. So, it's time. It's time to close a chapter in my life. A chapter that I enjoyed very much, but I am enjoying the present one even more.

This coming week, I am going to load my two toned blue double jogger in to the back of my van and deliver it to someone who is at the stage that I was once at. And even though I am selling my sanity on wheels for far less than it's worth to me, the worn out wheels, faded fabric, and torn foam on the handle bar is proof that I got good use out of it.

I have been running forever as far as my kids are concerned. They know as soon as I change in to my workout gear where I am going. I lace up my shoes and now head out by myself...solo. Gone are the days of pushing two (and for about a year, three) toe heads around in my blue jogger, answering their questions and pointing out the scenery to keep them distracted. They were my first little running buddies. But hopefully, because I have made running a part of our lives, one day we will lace up our shoes together and I will no longer be pushing them but be running beside them.

So, maybe I will take "Old Blue" out for another lap or two for old times sake...or maybe I will just keep the memories just the way they are.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Seven Year Itch

Seven years ago, March 22, 2003, I married a man I hardly knew. I didn't marry my best friend, but that is what he has become. When I think of "our story" and how God brought us together it always leaves me in utter amazement. Our story is nothing short of amazing...I love telling it because people always comment on how neat and unique it is.

A couple of weeks ago at work, a coworker asked me how many years I have been married. I told him that we were going on seven. He asked me if I had the seven year itch...which I had always been unclear as to what that exactly meant. So, as you do with any type of research, I googled it. The seven year itch was coined when the average marriage only lasted 7 years (which is now actually the two year itch). It's a period of time, usually after seven years, that married couples reevaluated their relationship and decided if it was worth staying together or not. In a time where the average marriage only lasts two years and where over half of married couples won't last (even Christian marriages), it would be nice if we all stood up and fought for our marriages. There is nothing the devil wants more than to demolish Christian homes and marriages who are serving God.

So, yes, I have the seven year itch...but not at all by the world's definition:

I am itching to know my husband more

I am itching to love him better than I have the past seven years

I am itching to care for his needs

I am itching to encourage him to be the man God says he is

I am itching to make each day better than the last

I am itching to serve God side by side

I am itching to gloify Him in our marriage

Happy Anniversary, Dan. I love you with all that I am...forever and always.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holding in my hands... passport! It came and all I could do yesterday every time I walked by it sitting on the ledge was pick it up and hold it...and dream of where it would take me. Kaitlyn asked me what it was and I explained it to her. She asked me where I was going and I said, "I don't know, Kait...but Momma's going somewhere."

I'm going somewhere...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The truth is, God uses change to change us. He doesn't use it to destroy us or to distract us but to coax us to the next level of character, compassion, and destiny.

Beth Moore - So Long, Insecurity (pg 80)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Song for Sunday

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Curtis

When he wandered in to our garage three years ago, I know for a fact he had no clue what he was getting in to. It was cold out and he was looking for a warm place to stay...not to mention be fed. I set some milk out and kept him in the garage until Dan came home from work. Then I set the kids up to ask Daddy if we could keep him...I had already made the vet appointment for the next day to have him declawed and fixed. And that's where the love affair began between my little girl and our spooky black cat she affectionately named, "Curtis".

He's like the sister that she's never had. She dresses him up, tells him all of her secrets, plays school with him, and likes to spend time laying on the couch with him on her belly. More recently though, she has somehow talked him in to getting into a turkey burger cardboard box, being covered up and tucked in with a blanket, and being read countless stories. Then, when my princess is all done reading to him, she will carry him with her wherever she goes and he will just lay there. I guess he knows what life could have been like...and being tucked in, read to, dressed up, and rocked like a baby is much better than being cold, wet, and hungry. Curtis is a smart cat...and we are so happy Daddy said yes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Being "away" has brought a much needed clarity. Although, I wasn't "away" as long as I thought I would be, these three weeks have been so many things all at the same time. A few tidbits of what I has been going on:

~I have been feasting on ashes and needed to get up and let go of these stones (that are lies) that I have been holding in my balled up fists. And while I have a long way to go, I am working on it.

~Had a lesson on the peace of's what I have been longing for. I am working on being anxious in nothing, but praying in everything....hard, hard, hard.

~I got my passport (with help from a dear, dear friend who slipped $100 in my pocket) and have prayed many, many times: Here am I Lord, send me. But, I am hoping to just be able to go to Canada with my hubby to celebrate our anniversary...just because I will be able to now.

~While I am waiting to see what God has for me (for us), I have felt called to children's ministry at church and have been very excited in planning out the year of lessons for the PreK class! I am praying that God will allow me to pour in to these little hearts.