Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

--Thing one *otherwise known as my princess* : My girl loves school. I am so proud of her and all the progress she is making...especially socially. I have really seen her blossom since the school year started and her teacher has even commented on how she is gaining confidence. Since learning how to sound things out and put words together to write sentences on her own, she is really enjoying writing "books". It's exciting to see her develop a love for reading and writing. Her latest creation is entitled, "How to Love School". She has informed me that along with being a cheerleader when she grows up, she is also going to be an author and illustrator (I was surprised she even knew what an illustrator was).

--Thing two *otherwise known as my cowboy* : My Landon appears to be a rough and tumble little guy but underneath it all he is incredibly sensitive and thoughtful. He will gladly let others go in front of him or give his last whatever it is away to someone else who wants it...especially his big sister. He is the quieter of all three so sometimes he gets lost in the shuffle (which I am working very hard to remember). He is all signed up for kindergarten and although the subject was taboo, he is getting used to the idea and I am sure he will do fine. I can hardly believe that he will be five in just a few short months!

--Thing three *otherwise known as Zaiah or just plain crazy* : My littlest man is definitely his father's son. He will talk to anyone or anything and likes to meet new people. The other day in Walmart, he carried on a conversation with an old man in the deodorant aisle. From the moment he wakes up until it's time for him to go to bed, it's non stop talking...he narrates everything and if there is a quite moment it's too much for him to resist and his starts asking if we "member this" and "member that". His new thing is to get in my face if he doesn't think I am listening and say he "seriously" needs whatever it is he just asked for. He is a little bummed that he doesn't get to go to school, but the one on one time with him will be great.

I'm crazy about my Three Things!

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