Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Despot of My Oikos

Meaning: Basically, the keeper of my home.

It's been really easy, with everything going on the past two years to let the little things fall by the wayside. Being a Mom is hard work...being a working Mom has been even harder for me. It's a hard juggling act and many times it's a lot harder than some make it look...hats off to all the working Mom's out there.

After cutting back my hours a couple of weeks ago, it has been so nice to get reacquainted with being home again and all that entails. Now that school has started and we are developing a new routine here, I have been eager to get started on coming up with ways that I can run my household more smoothly and be a better keeper of my home.

With that, my first step was to paint my entry way and back door...which had never been painted in the six years that we have lived in this house. I got away with only spending $10.10 on this whole project. I was able to use some old paint that I had saved and it freshened it up a whole lot. I was very pleased with the results.

Next, I have been working to clear the clutter. I am a saver...sometimes of the most stupid things. I had too many paper piles that needed shredded or thrown away. It took me one whole day but I managed to get it all cleared out and organized. No more paper pile on my kitchen counter!! My husband was very appreciative.

I have also been working at a way to clean my house more efficiently and have a certain day to do certain things around the house. I like to clean and don't mind spending a whole day doing it, but I don't want to take time away from my alone time with Collin and I certainly don't want to take time away from the other two after they come home from school. Yes, I still "pick up" the house every morning...but set aside a certain day to wash my floors, clean my bathrooms, clear out the fridge, change the sheets, and stuff like that.

I have had to get used to being home for dinner every night of the week...and the cooking of those meals. Working second shift, I was gone around three nights during the week. It's been an adjustment having to come up with menus again, but that's one thing that I found I needed to do. So, on Sunday or Monday, I plan out the menu for the week. It makes prep and shopping much easier to know a head of time. As the weather gets colder, I also want to start doing the OAMC thing again (Once a Month Cooking).

Next on my list to tackle is our "junk"/storage/pantry/office room. It's in some serious need of organization. I have a plan and a vision of how it will look...I just need my hot carpenter and a little bit of money to get it done. It's the one area of our house that I am embarrassed for anyone to see. There is just too much going on in there. Hopefully, by the end of the year, things will come together and I will be able to post before and after pictures.

I am breathing easier and feeling lighter...and what a difference it makes to only go in to work one day a week. I am truly blessed.

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