Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Start Day

The school year has started today for us. Unlike my kids, I hardly slept a wink last night and was so nervous when I woke up. I knew it would be a little bit of a hard day for Momma. Another realization that time is passing way too quickly.

We made it through the day with no tears (well, if you don't include Momma). I dropped Kaitlyn off smiling and I picked her up smiling. I dropped Landon off with his hand in his mouth (what he does when he is anxious, nervous, or scared) and picked him up with his arms at his sides. It was the first whole day for them both. From what they have told me, they did great and had a good day.

From my Kindergartner:

He didn't make any new friends.
He didn't go to the bathroom the whole time.
He was able to open his drink pouch and his gogurt all by himself.
He sat by a little girl and a little boy...the little girl chewed with her mouth open.
He got wood chips in his eye at recess...but didn't cry.
He stood in too many lines and had to look at his teacher too many times...but he likes her.
He didn't like wearing the necklace with his name on it.
He didn't have to go to the Principal's office...but a boy who cut should have.
He wants to be the goodest boy in his class.
Since he dressed nice today, he wants to dress bad tomorrow.
He wants to go back tomorrow.

From my First Grader:

She knows a few girls in her class from last year...but one of them is the black haired Jackie not the brown haired Jackie.
She didn't get to pick where she sat and doesn't know anyone at her table.
She didn't speak any Spanish.
She loved seeing her music teacher again.
The librarian was nice and let them use the library to have music...and they didn't have to sing in a whisper.
She went to the bathroom and the toilet flushed by itself, the water turned on by itself, and the paper towel came out by itself...she wants to back in there tomorrow.
She sat with her class at lunch...but finished at the same time as Kasen so they walked to the playground together.
She didn't play with any girls for recess...just Kasen and Caleb.
She doesn't have to share a locker.
She hopes she can have homework soon.
School wasn't long enough.

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