Thursday, September 23, 2010

En Espanol

Yesterday I headed to our local library to check out a few books for the kids in Spanish. I figured I need to start doing this. I didn't want to get in over our heads since I know very little...probably less than Kaitlyn does now. I found a couple books in Spanish that we have in English at home. This was a favorite in our house for a while...a huge hit with the kids. So, I read through it a few times with Collin before the older ones got home so I wouldn't sound like I was fumbling over every word. When they came home, I surprised them with this one and four others. We had a great time!
And, Landon had his first tear free day yesterday!! He said, "Mommy, I actually (we use that word a lot in our house) talked to my teacher today!" I said, "That's great Landon! What did you say to her?" He replied, "I said, 'Hi, Mrs. P'." I chuckled a bit inside...bless his heart.

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