Monday, October 25, 2010


Collin and I head to our local library for story time every Monday.  Today, my little man wanted to dress up.  So, he went to story time as a cowboy.  Most weeks, he sits through the three books just so that he can do the craft and play with the trains at the end.  Story time today was a bit different...which might have been because they started off with his favorite game : The matching game.  I was relieved because maybe I will now get the day off.  He rushed right up there and got his game face on...and ended up winning...I was so proud that all of the hours of practice with Mommy had paid off.  He actively participated the rest of the time and even started conversation about his alien pumpkin that his Daddy carved for him over the weekend.  When asked what he put inside his pumpkin after it was carved he enthusiastically yelled, "FIRE!".  That's my boy.  We walked out of there with his craft, a take home work sheet, and a little pumpkin that his teacher gave to him.  He has informed me that it's sleeping in his bed with him for nap.  We love our library program!

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