Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kind and Loving

I have the privilege of heading up and teaching our Sunday preschool program at our church. I currently have my youngest in my class which is a blessing, but can also be a distraction. Sometimes he doesn't listen so well to Mama when he is with me.

Each week, I incorporate a verse for the 3-5 year olds to learn. A lot of times I wonder if what I teach sinks in with what little time I have with them. Our verse for this past Sunday was "Be kind and loving to each other" - Eph 4:32. On Tuesday, I got proof that, in fact, it had with my little guy.

I had just gotten home from picking up my oldest two from school. It takes about a half hour for us to get settled in and get used to all being together again. The boys were having a tough time getting along...Collin wanted to be the boss and Landon wasn't having it. Some words were said between the two of them and then it got physical.

Collin came crying to me and said, "Wandon isn't being kind and loving to each other." I tried to be serious and not beam with pride that it had actually sunk it and he was actually applying the verse to everyday life. I dealt with the situation and used that verse to reiterate to them the rules of our house...which got me thinking that I need to do more of this will all of my children...use scripture more to teach my kids instead of because "Mom says so" or "Dad says so" or "because you treat others how you want to be treated".

And more often than not, I end up learning a lot in the end too.

2 things to add:

Addie's mom said...

A lot of what you teach sinks in! Addie is able to tell me exactly what she learned in Sunday School and is really excited to go each week. I truly want to thank you for the work you do there. :)

Beth said...

Thank you...I am so glad that she enjoys it so much. She's a lot of fun to have!