Friday, October 15, 2010

To the Birthday Girl...

Once upon a time
Actually upon this day
just 27 years ago
my world became a little brighter
I was given a gift
Actually my parents were
given a gift
that I got to partake in
I, being 18 months old, didn't even know
what blessing had been
sent down to me
oblivious to just how special
that day was and what meaning
it would have in my little life
a bond, a trust, a love
a forever friend
my first friend
someone to turn to when
the world seemed so cold
when my heart was broken
when hope was lost
an ear, a shoulder, a hand to hold
someone to run beside
to stand beside
in comfortable silence
to pinky swear and
share even the darkest of secrets
to double dog dare
and laugh hard in the darkness with
to create memory upon memory
memories so many
that I don't recall many
without her growing up
it was on this day
twenty seven years
I was blessed with a friend
the truest form
one I call
my sister.

Happy Birthday my Calist. Though miles upon miles separate us, are hearts are forever bonded. It's unthinkable to imagine life without you. Thank you for all you have been and what you continue to be in my life. My heart aches to be together with watch our kids grow up spend afternoons call eachother up just for the purpose of going for a run together...but, I cherish the times we do get to spend together. I am proud of the woman you have become, the mother and wife you are...what a strong person and an inspiration you are to me. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and may you be blessed more this year than you have been so far. I don't say it enough : I love you.

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