Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Strep has made it's way to our house.  It paid a visit to my princess last week.  She's a great little sick person...high pain tolerance, hardly any complaining.  She takes it like a pro and is so easy to take care of.  Today, was my middle man's turn.

He went to school.  He complained a little when he woke up, but said after drinking some hot chocolate that his throat didn't hurt at all anymore.  I just figured he slept with his mouth open and he was a little dry.  Well, I got a call around 11:30 that he was running a fever and was complaining of his throat hurting.  Poor baby.  I sped the one and a half miles to school to get to him as soon as I could.  I called the doctor (and called in to work) when we got home and got an appointment.

We got to the doctor and he started getting really whiny.  It was a short walk so I told him I would carry him.  We got two cars away from our car when it happened.

Apparently because of some low pressure hanging over our region (or whatever the weather people said this morning) it is incredibly windy today...like hurricane windy...like hang on to your children outside windy.  Which would mean that throwing up in this wind would be a terrible thing...but that's exactly what my middle man did.  I had enough time to throw him off of me...I mean set him down ever so gently...and the puking started...and the wind took it in every direction.  I had my littlest man with us and he was screaming and ran for cover trying to avoid being covered in vomit like his brother and Mommy.

I don't do well with throw up.  When someone is throwing up it makes me want to throw up.  I see it a lot at work and it's all I can do to hold it together until I can leave the room...and then I gag down the hall all the way back to the lab.  So, today, when the vomit tornado was hitting me from all directions it was almost more than I could take.  Landon and I had puke on our coats, hands, jeans, faces, and in our crocs...the squishing in between my toes was the worst.  I just stood there, rubbing my middle man's back while he heaved and heaved.  Three kind strangers in the parking lot went and got napkins from their cars and one patted my back and said she hoped my day got better.

We walked in to the office, covered in puke with enough time to spare that we were able to get cleaned up in the bathroom before checking in.  We did the best we could and made our way to the front desk still smelling of vomit.  All I could do was look back at my pale, sickly little man and laugh to myself.  Man, I love that kid...even if he did throw up all over me today.  And because of my youngest, the doctor heard all about "Wandon frowing up in yours parking lot."

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Rebecca said...

NOOOO!!! I'm sorry to say that this is just cracking me up, not because of what happened, but the way you describe it...I'm just shaking my head at the whole scenario. I can't believe you got through it so well. I would've just melted. And the little guy's rendition....priceless. Hope your family kicks those sickies out soon!