Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giant Leaps

The first few weeks of kindergarten were painful ones...both for my middle man and also for his Momma.  There were many tears, moments of kneeling with him in the hallway of the school reassuring him it would be okay, and a teary phone call home.  It broke my heart.  It made me question our decision to start him in school this year instead of waiting until next year.  I prayed, and prayed for my middle man.

Last night we had his very first parent/teacher conference.  I was excited to hear what his teacher had to say...figuring it would be positive.  I was almost certain it would be yesterday afternoon when he came home with a note from his teacher saying, "Landon is THE smartest, sweetest little boy..."  Nothing could prepare me for what I would hear that night though.

I knew that Landon had made HUGE progress in every area since starting school.  The glimpse in to my son at school from his teacher made me beam with pride.  Often I underestimate him because although he is a wild man, he is my quietest child.  He is scoring above average on everything!  She even said that they are seeing him gradually come out of his shell and volunteer to get up in front of his class and read.  The little time we had with his teacher made for one proud Momma and Daddy.

I came home and told him all about our time with his teacher.  I told him how proud of him I am.  I made a comment to him about how on his report card it had "100!!" in the blank where is says how high the child can count.  He said, "I could have counted to 200, but my teacher stopped me."  I guess there is a little overachiever in all of us here in our household.

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