Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

- I am a Survivor fanatic...maybe not the worst, but it is my absolute favorite show (Apprentice coming in a close second followed by Amazing Race)and I have been watching since the show first aired. This season, there hasn't been many surprises. Last night, though, things got a bit shaken up and I was so happy to crawl in to bed knowing that Brenda went home. Pathetic I know...but everyone has their little quirks.

- It looks like my hubby is down to working four days a week through the winter now...getting every Friday off. It's been so nice to have him home with us to take the kids to school, be there when they get home, and have family dinner with him there at night. I am so thankful that his employer balances work so that they are able to keep working through the winter. I am looking forward to those nice paychecks again in the Spring/Summer, but we will all enjoy this little break.

- Kait came down with Strep again this week. Looking back through her chart at the doctor's on Monday, it is clear that she needs her tonsils out. We have been dealing with strep, tonsillitis, snoring, and sleep walking long enough. Monday I am taking her to an ENT about getting her tonsils out. It's a bit scary for me (and I haven't even gone in to detail with her about it yet), but I know it will make such a difference in my little girl.

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